S2 Gear

This is where you can review everything that we use for Every-Day Carry, (EDC) or 72 hour packs and other crucial gear.  We realize that everyone has an opinion and some bias to what they may be currently using.  This is just what we have found to be consistent with the rigors of adventure racing & survival scenarios.


5.11 72 Hour Rush Pack.


This is our personal favorite!  We have used it for everything from white water rafting & kayaking to doing exfiltration exercises where we have had to cover over 60 miles in 3 days to get to a safe zone.

It is extremely comfortable when totally loaded out at 80LBS.  This is due to the waist band and shoulder strap design.  5.11 really put some serious thought into this because the shoulder straps don’t ever cut into your neck or cause pain in your shoulders.  It is easy to get on and easy to get off when totally loaded out.

It makes for a nice shooting platform when laying prone!

Too many load out options to show or write about.  Dries quick when wet, and cleans easy when dirty.  It can get a little heavy  when completely soaked we but nothing serious.  We still made it to our safe zone even after swimming across a river!

It is not water resistant so gear can get wet unless one is prepared and packs appropriately for whatever adventure one finds themselves in.

This fits comfortably over the 5.11 TacTec Plate carrier


So where can a person purchase this gear at a reasonable price?  Well if you are employed by Uncle Sugar, (U.S. Government) you can get this through govx.  If you need a link to govx just email us and we will get you one.

The non-gov employee can get the best deal through Dvor, which if you would like a link email us and we will email you one.  Or, you can just do a search and find reasonable pricing.

P.S. Keep in mind that the Chinese make knock offs of this stuff.  If you want a good price get it.  If you want it to save your life make sure it is 5.11 gear.  Don’t buy used gear either!!

We will keep you informed about the survival / tactical pack we are designing as well.